When pondering on writing my first post, I couldn’t decide what was ‘good enough’. Perhaps a good place to start is to take a little inventory of what I’ve learned since setting up Whimsical Lane.

My support network is the best

My journey with Whimsical Lane has been a schizophrenic one. One moment I’m all in then another I’m occupied with other work. However, none of my friends has made me feel less because of that or shunned my efforts. In fact, every time I come back, they are right there with me.

It is okay to not be ready

My greatest fear is failure. This is my greatest driver and my biggest nemesis. It has caused me to strive and has also made me hide. But slowly every day I am working on just going for it and stop overanalysing. Because if you do not reach for your dreams, someone else will race you to it.

You can’t work alone

Collaboration, socialising and networking are big words that give me anxiety. I’m most comfortable working alone in the background. But when you to run a successful business, working with like-minded people creates a synergy that propels success. And it is worth getting out of your comfort zone for.

These are the 3 main lessons Whimsical Lane has taught me so far. I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered them, but I’m working on them. Hopefully sharing these with you can help you get over your hurdles sooner than I have. 🙂



Pop art was an art movement rebelling against the traditions of fine art emerging around the mid-1950s from Britain and later in North America. This daring form of art was an expression of post war optimism in a youthful visual language. This art movement is often made up of popular imagery, rendered with a wit, colours and irony creating genius psychedelic pieces of art. Andy Warhol‘s work are probably the most recognisable with his rendition of the Campbell’s Soup Can and Marilyn Monroe. Here’s an awesome source to learn more about Andy Warhol and his extraordinary life.

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The story behind this series is mainly all the little moments in life that makes us feel so alive, without us realising it. In this day and age when we constantly hurried off our feet, we forget to experience each and every moment. We always tend to wait for a life-altering event instead of living in the moment. However, when you string these little moments together, it forms the canvas of your life. So remember to enjoy, taste and savour everything you see and everything you feel. In your many moods, find a reason to celebrate.

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While having my eyes glued to the Fashion Police getting the latest scoop on the red carpet fashion, something caught my eye.WL_1


Do you see that? The black and white statement pillow looks that is perched right next to Juliana looks rather much like Whimsical Lane’s very own Optical Illusion Pillow and it looks so chic sitting there right next to Juliana, Brad and Mellissa.

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It has been a long time coming, but we’ve finally launched a new collection!  After bringing out many colourful and vibrant pillow cover series, we thought that we would create something more timeless and classic but with a little Whimsical Lane twist. So here’s a closer look at the collection.
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How fast has the year gone pass! April is almost upon us and Spring is just round the corner! Everywhere you look, floral are in full bloom, from the gardens to the clothes rack and home accessories. It is too hard to resist putting a happy collage together of our favourite floral finds! Enjoy! 🙂
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We are so excited to relaunch our website! Hopefully this will present a more user-friendly and complete shopping experience for all of you. Thank you for supporting us for so long. We have great plans installed for the year 2015!
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